Never run out of energy; stay energized all-day


Energy sustained, Simple tips to stay energized daily

Constantly low on energy? Energy fluxed body, more to do less energy to perform? You are not alone. While it takes a conscious to stay and maintain an energy filled body system. If only you can put into considerations some basic way of living, keeping your body metabolism, food intake, physical exercise in balance. I bet you’ve succeeded in doing a large amount of the tasks to be in good shape energy-wise.

In this article, I will be looking at tips you can actually implement and use to your advantage to feel energized all day. Now let’s begin.

  • Wake up and bath in light: The body is very sensitive to light, which is why during the day one seldom feels less sleepy. To remain energetic, wake up the same time every day and expose yourself to light shortly before getting up or in the bathroom, like 30 minutes on about to get up on the bed. The reason is the body’s circadian rhythms controlled by the body master clock want to stay in synchronization with the body- 24 hours a day. When there is no light, the rhythm may not rhyme and can move out of control and delay by 12 minutes daily. When you are exposed to light, the body can easily adjust.
  • Less Expose to UV lights: Do you stay up at night on your computer screen, scrolling Facebook newsfeed updates, watching the TV. All these expose a high dose of UV rays to the eyes which indirectly sends a signal to the body to stay awake. The implication is this, the brain will continue to work late into the night, draining a large portion of the energy base and leave the body with less energy to use which cause someone to feel energy drained.
  • Bad body posture: This may seem minutes, but it goes a long way in giving back to the body. Take for instance, if you are sitting and not maintaining a good body posture, the body tilts to a particular location which makes the body energy to be concentrated at on one point and later causing tiredness. Do ensure to maintain a good posture at any position of the body.
  • Take Enough Sleep: Did you overworked over a stretch of days and have not taken the time to take one deep sleep to bring the body back to its previous state? You are missing a lot and doing more harm to the body than good. Take a good time to sleep straight for like 6-8 hours and help the body to regain its energy.
  • Take in more protein: while you may be tempted to take many carbs because it can bring in quick energy. When taken too much, they can turn to energy sucker. When you are able to make your meal consider mixing your diet and involve a large amount of protein. Let your carbohydrates be in the range of 150g, with this precaution you are fine.
  • Keep your chakra balanced: While the body is made up of seven, (7). Energy points. Do make sure you are able to keep the energy in sync with each other. Chakra bracelet is solely produced for this reason to keep the energy in balanced. You can check out our awesome collection gathered for you.
  • Exercise frequently: while it is more beneficial to exercise daily for at least 10 minutes than 1 hours weekly. Many do not know this is very effective for energy-wise, it evens help the body other thank energy, looks gorgeous. While performing the exercise check out our cute bracelet high in chakra.

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